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Flash News! Who won the Meijin Title Match!?

Flash News! Who won the Meijin Title Match!?

This is the continuation of yesterday's Igo blog, which is:

But at the end, I'll report the result of 名人戦
(Meijin Title Match) between 井山 裕太(Iyama Yuta) 8-dan
as a challenger and 張 栩(Chang Hsu or Cho U) Meijin

The game ended just a few hours ago...ひらめきパンチあせあせ(飛び散る汗)

Wow! Yatta!!! Go, Igo, Wei Chi, Baduk!!!

Yesterday's Igo blog, I said...

There is a game between 井山 裕太(Iyama Yuta) 8-dan pro and
黄 翊祖(Huang Yih Tzuu) 7-dan pro in first round of
王座戦(the Oza Title Tournament).

When Mr. Huang Yih Tzuu played 81, he spent 16 minutes,
which is the longest time in this game

This move was questionableがく〜(落胆した顔) and he allowed Mr. Iyama to
catch up.

This kind of move happens all the time even in a pro game.

The reason I can say "this happens all the time" is that
I've read many Igo articles and Igo magazines since I was an inse.

All those articles and Igo magazines reportedly
say the same thing.

You know that they interview pros and state what
pros say.

Even top pros think for a long time and play
a mistaken move.

They say that in their thinking most of the time
they are not exactly reading, but hesitating which
move they'd like to choose.

Do you see my point:

"Thinking for a long time" doesn't necessarily mean that
"it's productive".

In addition for amateurs, "thinking for a long time"
doesn't mean that "you learn more" or "you become strong".

I'd say thinking 5 minutes is usually enough to play a
next move. If you think more than that, then it might
be too long.

If you keep thinking 5 minutes every move, then
that's also a bit over-thinking...

( This is just what I think. Some people argue differently.)

BTW, people often think when they are hesitating
which move is better.

That's what many pros do, too. :)

So I guess it's a human tendency...

To pros and sensei, sorry if I state a wrong comment.
In that case, I apologize...


I just checked the Nihon Kiin homepage and found the
result of the first game of the Meijin Title Match(名人戦).

井山 裕太(Iyama Yuta)8-dan pro as a challenger played with
張 栩(Chang Hsu or Cho U) Meijin:; ぴかぴか(新しい)Iyama won the fist game!ぴかぴか(新しい)

If he wins three more games, he will be a title holder
as a teenager...