Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: Kaz's going to teach on KGS plus and to publish some Go books!

Kaz's going to teach on KGS plus and to publish some Go books!

Kaz's going to teach on KGS plus and to publish some Go books!

Sorry that I didn't write for a long time...

Please forgive me.

But I have some good news for the readers! :)

First of all, I'll be teaching on KGS plus for the fist time
on November 20th.

Here is my teaching time:

Japan Standard Time      21th 6:30am
GMTGreenwich mean time(London) 20th 9:30pm
France, Germany 20th 10:30pm
Eastern Standard Time (NY) 20th 5:30pm
Pacific Standard Time 20th 2:30pm

Hopefully you can make it there.

The second good news is that I've been asked to write
some iGo books by Slate & Shell publishing company.

I've got hundreds of materials in my head and in my

So I said "yes!"

I've already sent some materials to the company.

If things are going well, you may be able to see
my book for kyu players in 6 months or so...

I assume that it'll take more time than 6 months...

In my book I'm going to have an approach different
from my Go Web Services; if it were the same,
people wouldn't buy it.

Hope some of you are interested in it!

Last but not least, I found some disgusting trackbacks
on my blogs.

I didin't notice them until just now.

Not only did I get rid of it, but I also set up a system
on my blog in such a way that nobody could set a trackback on
my blog without my permission.

So if you try to trackback, I'll check it to see if it's
a good one. Then I'll give permission, and you would
see the trackback.

So from now on, nobody is going to see any disgusting
website any more.

Now I'm going back to my blog.

After I had written my last blog
( http://kazsensei.seesaa.net/article/108240400.html ),
I received a question from a reader.

I hope he doesn't mind my putting the question on the

The question might very well help other readers, so
please allow me to put it on.

(it's a bit modified)

> In your blog ( http://kazsensei.seesaa.net/article/108187284.html )
> you mentioned a 'green-eyed monster syndrome'.

Ooops, time is up! I've got to get going!

I'll continue this...

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Dear Kaz-sensei,

I am looking forward to seeing your teaching game on KGS Plus. Please keep the nice 囲碁 blog up!

Posted by Vhaen at 2008年11月06日 15:42
Dear Vhaen-sama,

Thanks very much for your kind and nice comment.

("sama" is the honorific, meaning Mr. or Ms.)

I've been extremely busy these days. But I'll try to start writing my blog again soon.

Thanks for your patient.


Kaz as 囲碁 teacher

Posted by Kaz as 囲碁 teacher at 2008年11月06日 16:05
It is not so easy to find time to maintain a blog regularly, particularly when the topic of the blog is so time consuming like 囲碁
Posted by 囲碁 at 2009年10月14日 05:53
I'm happy that I found this blog ^ ^


Posted by jenj at 2011年03月31日 21:59
Dear jenj,

Thank you for your comment.

I'm glad to hear that you liked this blog.
I hope it was helpful.

Thanks again.

Kaz the 碁teacher
Posted by Kaz at 2011年03月31日 22:17
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