Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: "Playing each move without thinking" syndrome

"Playing each move without thinking" syndrome

"Playing each move without thinking" syndrome

■ More detailed explanations of 1.
“Common Amateur iGo Players' Syndromes ■ 

1"Playing each move without thinking" syndrome

2"Responding the opponent without looking at the move" syndrome

(1. and 2. are related.)

If one of these becomes a habit, that's not good for you.

Number one iGo syndrome might be more serious, actually.

I've seen many amateurs in Japan who just don't
even look at a situation or an opponent's move.

They just play a move in a flash when an opponent
plays a move.

It looks to me like it's a competition of whoever plays
faster wins a game.

Wherever an opponent plays, they are determined
to play a move faster than ever before.

If you happen to have this kind of tendency; i.e.
you tend to play as fast as a bullet train
from the beginning to the end, then you're
either a superman or a super fast playing.

I must say that there are moments
where you can play without thinking.

But there are many moments where you have to
watch a local fight, the surroundings, and
the entire go board and decide where to play.

It might take 10 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute,
or 3 minutes...

It really depends on how complex a situation
is, how strong you're, how much you know
joseki or a tesuji, things like that.

The stronger you become, the faster you can think,
read, analyze things.

Professional baduk players can read 20 or 30 moves
in a second rather easily.

This I am not exaggerating.

That's what they're trained for.

If they play a 5 second Japanese byoyomi, they
can still read a lot of variations during a
five second.

They also think and read during an opponent's

So each move they can think 10 seconds.

If they take time, they can read a hundred of
moves in a couple of minutes, depending on
how complicated a situation is though.

You can improve your iGo reading as well.

The more you train in reading, the faster it

To be continued...

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i sooo understand this i have this habit of playing really fast but i can't figure it out i think i need someone to smack my head when i do this but i don't know anybody that play go 囲碁
Posted by razel at 2012年04月12日 00:11
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