Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: How Kaz teach Igo group lessons in Japan, part 2

How Kaz teach Igo group lessons in Japan, part 2

How Kaz teach Igo group lessons in Japan, part 2

The US Go Congress in the Summer 2008:Part 10

This is the continuation of this iGo ( Weiqi, Baduk ) blog page:

After the lecture, I played a simul with some of my
iGo students..

Some people played with other Go players.

In fact, many Go classes in Japan always follow this
style for many, many years.

It's like a custom.

So I did the same thing for some years. ふらふら

After the simultaneous games with me, some of the
Go players played with other Go players.

That's okay to have fun, but they can easily
forget what they had learned an hour ago...

After that, they went home.ダッシュ(走り出すさま)

In Tokyo some of them had to spend more than an hour
to go home from downtown Tokyo.

It's not uncommon to take that long commute in Tokyo.

When they went home, they had a family to
chat with.

That's nice...

They had dinner with their family.

That's necessary...

After that, they took a bath... In Japan people take a
bath at night.

(I only take a shower in the morning ever since I went to
college in the States..,. I love it!わーい(嬉しい顔))

After that, they are tired and go to bed.

Or they watch TV...

Well, I do that, too... ちっ(怒った顔)

Anyway, many of my Go students felt satisfied with
just attending a lesson and playing games...

But many of them never reviewed my lessons.

So naturally many of them forgot what they had learned.

Then next week they attended my Go lesson,
and repeat the same mistake.

They didn't have a chance to review my iGo lesson. がく〜(落胆した顔)

Instead, they played with me and other Go players for
a few hours, and then went home and never find the
time to review.

They continued this way of learning for a half
year or a year.

Then they say: "Well, I've attended your lessons
for a year. I had heard that you were a very good Go teacher.
But I never become strong. I'm not learning any.

So I quit."

Sadly, they did quit.もうやだ〜(悲しい顔)

To be continued...

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