Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: This simul is not the same! So it's not so effective!

This simul is not the same! So it's not so effective!

This simul is not the same! So it's not so effective!

I was re-reading my Go blog and found some English
mistakes and hard-to-understand sentences
as this page:


So I've corrected them. Now you can get it… I hope.

Since this is a blog, I'm not extremely careful.

I don’t have to hand in this blog to my professors.

When I went to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, I
proofread my papers at least 5 times and found so many mistakes.

Despite my poor English with some grammatical mistakes,
I could argue well on my paper, so I got very good grades
throughout college.

(I must say it was extremely tiring; I had to spend time
always 5 times more than most American students spent
on reading and writing papers because my English was
extremely poor at the time.ふらふら

So I stayed 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and woke up
6:00 or 7:00 in the morning throughout my college and a
language school.もうやだ〜(悲しい顔)

But because of that, my English is rather readable now,
I hope…)

English is my second language, so I know I make many mistakes
especially when I don’t proofread well.

I’m sorry that on this blog, I'm not terribly careful since
no professors are going to read this and give me grades. :)

But if I write sloppy blog everyday, most Go players may not
come back here any more...がく〜(落胆した顔)

So I'll try to proofread my blog more often.

Thank you for your understanding...


Sorry that I've deviated from my main topic!

Now I should go back to the U.S. Go Congress.

On the third day I played a simul with 14 Go players.

I played a simul with 30 Go players in the past, so it was not
a problem for me.

At the beginning of my simul, I explained my teaching simul

At first everybody looked puzzled. exclamation&question

But they played an even game with curiosity on their
faces. Some Go players took White.

One child wanted to play a 5-stone handicap game, and he
didn't like to receive any advice during the game, either.

So I let him play freely.わーい(嬉しい顔)

Many of the Go players seemed to like my teaching style.

But soon I realized that it was not the same as I usually

Thus, I knew that this simul was not going to be as
effective as my ordinary Go class.

The reason is…

To be continued...

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