Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: After the first lecture, what did I learn from the Go players?

After the first lecture, what did I learn from the Go players?

After the first lecture, what did I learn from the Go players?

This is the continuation of the last Igo blog page:

Also if my students don't comprehend my first
explanation, then I often try a different way of
interpreting and illustrating Igo variations.

In order to understand their problems and to
analyze them, and then to explain, I have to listen
to my Go students.

I have to listen good, listen very carefully!

耳I have to be all ears!耳

In my teaching, listening is one of the most important

When my explanations hit the perfect point to
make students understand, I feel like I just
hit a fourbagger in a baseball.野球

("Fourbagger" means that you play a bases-loaded home run!)


On the first day, I presented a Go lecture for anybody,
many of whom were dan players.

At night I went to bed, but I was jetlagged and couldn't

In bed I went over the first lecture in my head
in order to improve my lecture tomorrow.

I tried to remember what the Go players asked me,
especially kyu players' questions.

(Usually I can remember many of the questions.

When it comes to teaching games, I usually remember them
for a week or so. That helped me later...)

Some people asked me questions about some complicated
josekis, and they seemed to be scared...がく〜(落胆した顔)

There are many complicated Go josekis:

The star point josekis, 3-4 points, 4-3 points, 5-4 points,
5-3 points in the corner...

Even dan players do not know everything.

For kyu players... がく〜(落胆した顔)

I assume that most of them know many
star point josekis, but not 3-4 points, 4-3 points,
5-4 points, and 5-3 points.

So if they face such josekis in the tournament, that
may very well be very scary.

shaking (((( ;゜Д゜))) shaking

In bed I decided to give them a crash course to learn
the simplest joseki for all the case.

It's really simple. All you need is just one
move to approach...

That is...

After that, I could sleep easily...眠い(睡眠)

To be continued...

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