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The US Go Congress: Part I: I loved it!

The US Go Congress: Part I: I loved it!

As many of the readers probably know that I attended
the U.S. Go Congress in Portland, Oregon, this summer!

I love the city. It's so greenery and beautiful!クリスマス

I was born in Tokyo and grew up Tokyo, and I still live in

Tokyo is almost no greens!

(Japanese politicians are infamous for having no city planning!もうやだ〜(悲しい顔))

I was also happy to be in Portland since
I went to college there.

So I met my Igo friends as well as my non-Igo
friends, my language teachers and college professors...

I had a wonderful time just meeting them.

Attending the US Go Congress was also great.

Actually this is my second time to attended.

When I attended it for the first time some years ago,
I played the US Go Tournament and taught Go.

But this time, I was going to commit myself to teaching!

Only teaching Igo!

Well, I kind of stopped playing Go tournaments some years ago.

The reason is...

Well, when I win a Go tournament in Tokyo,
I can make nobody happy, but me.
when I teach Igo, I can make many people happy.

And I like to make people happy.

So I've chosen to teach over to improve my Igo.

Now every time I look at the Go board, I always think of
"how can I explain this to kyu players and dan players to
understand more easily..."

My explanations for kyu players and dan players
are usually different.ひらめき

When I was an insei and after an insei, I always
thought about the best move.

It was a second nature... Just like breathing without thinking,
you know.

But over the years, I've lost my habit of
thinking about the best move... since
the best move is not exactly the same as
best teaching move.

When I got to the Go Congress this summer, I knew
I had made a lot of progress in my teaching.

So I was confident that I could make some
Go players happy!

On the first day of my Go Congress, I had to
do a lecture.

I always did a lecture in Japan in front of
many amateur Go players, so I had no problem with that.

I have many Go materials in my computer and in my head,
but I was going to stick with something that I often
teach at first.

Well, I was not expecting to make every attendee
two stones stronger since the lecture lasted only
an hour or so.

That's obviously impossible!

So I decided to have a Go lecture which many people
would not forget easily forget.

Also I wanted to choose a lecture which people
could use in their Go games.

To be continued...

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