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Why is choosing books easy to understand important?

Why is choosing books easy to understand important?

At the end of yesterday's blog, I said something like:

"You should choose Go books you can understand easily.

You should try Go problems you can solve easily.

You should find Go books which you can enjoying reading."

I don't know how many of the adult readers felt something about my
last three sentences.

To be honest, those sentences are really important for adult
Go players.

Surprisingly many people try books which are very difficult to

Many of them try difficult life-and-death problem books.

Those books are often way ahead of their levels.

I've found those Go players not only in Japan, but also
in the West.

Especially those who think "I already know basic stuff, so
I don't need to read fundamental stuff" tend to read
difficult books.

But in my experience those people often lack basics of Igo
(wéiqí, baduk).

Sometimes they lack a lot of basic stuff.もうやだ〜(悲しい顔)

Go is such a profound game that it takes adults a lot of
time to really learn all the basic and fundamental concepts,
tesuji, shape, and everything.

I think there's a myth that reading advanced books makes
people stronger.

So people tend to buy books, way advanced than their leves.

They try to read them. But after a while, they realize that
they don't quite understand the books. So they stop reading them.

Well, may I ask you a question?

Is it possible to build a five-storied building without
a basement (or a basic foundation)? Or without the first floor?

Well, some peole are super genius. So they might be able to do it.

But not me.

I'm a kind of a guy who has to try something over and over again
to learn something. So I need to practice a lot.

Some children are genius, so they could grasp the concepts

Children tend to learn things so fast, much faster than
adults could even imagine.

But I assume that many adults are neither super genius,
nor children.

So it makes more sense to learn step by step, just like
building a building step my step.

To be continued...

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