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The importance of recording Igo games!

The importance of recording Igo games!

This is the continuation of yesterday's Igo(wéiqí, baduk) blog.

In the West, many Igo players record their games.

I know it's very difficult to play and record a game.
So I admire western Igo players. 晴れ

So recording and playing a game at the same time is not
necessarily impossible.

But then in Japan some people in Japan make an excuse such as:
"If I play and record it, I often lose concentration." ふらふら

I agree.

But the more you record Igo games, the easier it becomes.

And more importantly, if you record a game, you can
review your game later and can learn from your mistakes

You can also ask your Igo teacher to give you advice.

After the correction, you can review your game.

But reviewing a game just once is not good enough.
You can easily forget.ちっ(怒った顔)

You should review your game over and over again.
That way, you will not have to make the same mistakes any more.

If recording is difficult, please try just 20 moves at first.

Even if you record just 20 moves, you may be surprised at
how much you can learn from it.

Then when you get used to recording, record more moves.

Little by little, you can increase the recording moves.

Great thing about recording is that even after a year,
you could review it again.

You can not remember everything; you may forget some things.

But as long as there is a recording sheet, you could
learn that again. If you review it, learning becomes
easier than the first time.

Often just reviewing a game by yourself is not easy.
You don't really see what's wrong.

So ideally you should ask your Igo teacher to tell you
what's wrong. ひらめき

If you learn what's wrong, then review that part and practice
it over and over again.

If you don't have an Igo teacher, you could find one on
KGS or IGS. Or you could go to the Go Congress and ask
questions there.

BTW, I taught Igo at this year's Go Congress in Portland, OR.
So I might go again and help you next year... If many people
ask the AGA to have Kaz come again.

Also it's good to ask different pros.

Each pro may answer differently since different pros have
different opinions and different styles.

You can stick with a move which is most suitable for you.

The good thing about recording is that even after a half year,
you can go back and review your games.

Many people say that recording helped me relearn things.

Some people also say "Oh, I find something which I couldn't
see at that time."

So recording helps you in many ways.

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