Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: To be a stronger Go (Igo, Weiqi, Baduk) player, reviewing is crucial!

To be a stronger Go (Igo, Weiqi, Baduk) player, reviewing is crucial!

To be a stronger Go (Igo, Weiqi, Baduk) player, reviewing is crucial!

Now I’d like to explain No.3 in detail.

3. When you play a game, you should review it and try to
investigate what went wrong.

This is important especially when you lose a game.

But I think ideally you should do it whether or not you win
a game. You should be able to learn a lot.

In Japan I've seen many Go (Igo, Weiqi, Baduk) players at local Go-clubs
who just keep playing, playing, playing all day.ふらふら

They never review their games. がく〜(落胆した顔)

They never check their mistakes. ちっ(怒った顔)

Those people just keep making the same common amateur mistakes
over and over again.

They often say, "Oh, boy! Go is difficult to improve! I'm not
becoming a stronger at all."もうやだ〜(悲しい顔)

Another thing is that they hardly read Go books.ふらふら

Next year, when I see their games, they still make the same
common amateur mistakes.

Again, they never review their games, but just keep playing games
all day.

Then, they say the same thing, "Oh, boy! Go is such a difficult
game. I'm not becoming a stronger at all. How can I become a
stronger Go player?"

They are right. I don't see any improvement.

If they don’t study, and if they ever learn from your mistakes,
how do they become strong?

They have time to play Go, but don't have time to review
their games?

I don't think so.

They also say "Well. I never remember the game. So I can't
review them."がく〜(落胆した顔)

Well, the truth is that they never think of recording their games.

If you make a mistake at work, you try not to make the same mistake, right?
If you keep making the same mistakes repeatedly, you might lose your job.

In my case, I always write down not only my mistakes, but also
how to prevent any further mistakes. I try to improve my work.

So I think most people try something to stop their mistakes.

To become a stronger Go (wéiqí, baduk) player, you should do the same thing.

To be continued...

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