Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk Go, Igo, Weiqi, Baduk. Kaz's original Igo-advice & fundamentals of Igo: Why is killing a group of stones not good?

Why is killing a group of stones not good?

Why is killing a group of stones not good?

I was writing about a Go article, "Why killing a group is not good".ちっ(怒った顔)

I realize that it's so important that I have to write it on my go blog
to let people know this.ひらめき

There are possible killing situations, of course.

I mean that you could justify such action.

First, please take a look at the following exceptions.

ぴかぴか(新しい)Exceptions of trying to kill a group of stones.

Part 1:

Suppose your opponent group is completely surrounded.

In that case, it's a pure life-and-death situation.

Trying to find a move to kill a surrounded group
is natural.

But I've observed thousands of amateur go games, and I
realize that a majority of them try to kill a group
when a group is not at all surrounded.

The group is wide open to escape everywhere.

That's not a life-and-death situation; it's far away
from it.

Part 2:

Suppose you're playing an important go tournament,
and suppose you're losing 30 points.

Now the only chance you have is to kill an opponent's
group stones. In that case, you have no choice, but
to try to kill the group.

Like I said, those are exceptions.

Now here are reasons Kaz wouldn't recommending killing
a group of stones.

Keep in mind the follwoing reasons:

1. It's not easy to kill a group of stones.

Killing a group of stones is very difficult and rare.

2. The rason killing a group is not easy.

One of the resons is that your opponent doesn't want to be

So she or he tries the best to survive or escape. Unless she or he
makes a stupid mistake, or unless you trick your opponent,
you usually can't kill a group in a go game.

3. Why Kaz doesn't recommend killing a group of stones in Go, Part I.

The reason is that Go is not a killing game.

It's a competition of making territory.

Playing Go is a long time game. It's like a marathon race.

It takes a long time to win a game. And it takes a longer
time to become a better go player.

You can't have an overnight success or glory.

If killing a group made you strong, then I would certainly recommend it.
But such action not helpful, and actually it's harmful.

Why is it harmful?

The answer is in 4, which will be written tomorrow...

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